Individual False Eyelashes vs. Salon Eyelash Extensions

There is a preconceived idea that you can only achieve natural looking long lashes look by going to a salon and paying a professional to apply Eyelash Extensions. I have discovered that this is not the case at all! In fact there are many more benefits to applying your own individual false eyelashes than visiting a salon. I have presented my findings below!

Comparative Individual False Eyelashes Salon Eyelash Extensions
Price A box of false individual eyelashes will cost you approximately $14 USD. This will supply you with enough lashes for at least 3 or 4 applications. These can also come in variety packs with different sizes so you can change lengths to suit. Salon Eyelash Extensions will cost you between $100-$500 USD per set depending on the style, length and thickness.
Time Applying your own eyelashes can take between 5 – 30 minutes. This depends on whether you apply “individual” or “cluster” lashes and whether you apply lashes to your entire eye. Salon extensions can take an aesthetician anywhere between 90 minutes to 2 hours to apply.
Maintenance Individual false eyelashes although not as resilient as Eyelash Extensions can be replaced easily without going to a salon. Also due to the lower cost, you don’t have to worry so much about rubbing them off as they can be reapplied using lashes from the same pack, without any additional cost. The box of lashes can also be kept in your handbag incase any fall out while you are out. A quick visit to the ladies for a touch up and they will look good as new! Eyelash Extensions last much longer however any fallen lashes are more difficult to touch up. This will require a visit to the salon and an additional fee.
Safety Unless you have an allergic reaction to the glue, individual false eyelashes are a very safe option! As mentioned in Eyelash Extension Risks, it is important to check the ingredients of the glue and do a spot test on your hand before applying to your lashes. As also detailed in Eyelash Extension Risks, the semi-permanent glue used in salons can contain chemicals which can be harmful to your skin and lashes. Also repative application can put stress on your lashes causing them to fall out
Creativity and changability As false lashes are easy to remove and less expensive, it is easy to experiment with different types, colours and lengths. There are also a range of different strip lashes now which are fun to apply for a night out. If the result isn’t what you were aiming for, simply remove with the eyelash remover provided with your false lashes and try something else! No appointment, no waiting, no fees! It’s that simple! Eyelash Extensions are beautiful and are best for the natural look; however they do not leave much room to be creative or experiment. If you want to change the length or colour, you will need to go back to the salon to have them removed and a new set applied, which is a very expensive exercise!


The lash enhancement option you choose is a matter of personal preference. Factors to consider are your budget, available time, lash cycle and the look you want.

My personal preference is individual false eyelashes because they are cheaper and easy to change. I used to get Eyelash Extensions until I realised that my aesthetician was applying cluster lashes which aren’t actual Eyelash Extensions. When I asked her whether she found them easy to apply, she told me she applies her own lashes while on the bus in the morning! I then asked myself, why am I paying you to apply these when I could do this myself at home? This began my love affair with individual false eyelashes!!

However, just because my aethetician wasn’t following industry guidelines it doesn’t mean others won’t do a wonderful job! My advice would be to do your own research and even try both methods for yourself to find out what suits you. Either way, eyelash enhancement is fun and either option can produce beautiful results!!